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Union County Fire Department


Chief Ricky Millikan

Asst. Chief Matt Williams

Captain Josh Millikan

Lt. Billy Winders

Union County Fire Department is made up of an elite group of volunteers.  The department is housed in Uniontown, KY and was formed in 1968 from rural buisnessmen. It was one of the first rural departments in Kentucky.  We strive to provide the best quality fire and rescue services to our community. We recently joined forces with the Uniontown Rescue Squad to also provide vehicle extrication.  This service truley can be the difference between life and death. Please look around our website to see our involvement with other departments and our community. 

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List of members


Chief -  Ricky Millikan 

Asst. Chief- Matt Williams 

Captain- Josh Millikan 

Lieutenant- Billy Winders

Firefighter- Cory Thomas

Firefighter- Steve Woosley

Firefighter- Mark Griggs

Firefighter- Joey Clevidence

Firefighter- Tim Grey

Firefighter- Tim Disney

Firefighter- David Jewell

Firefighter- Stephen Bryant

Firefighter- Andy Daniels

Explorer- Jeremy Millikan

Explorer- Steven Payne

Supporter- Rachelle Hagan

Supporter- Tadisa Winders

Supporter- Barbra Millikan

Supporter- Carrie Millikan

Supporter- Christine Fulkerson

Supporter- Samantha Monroe

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Union County Fire Dept.