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Union County Fire Department

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A wife's Prayer

A prayer for the wifes to say as her firefighter runs off into the night or even the day to go and save the lifes of others.  They are running into burning buildings when everyone else is running out.  So this little pray that the wifes say will help them to have to lord with them.



Lord I thank you for my husband. This firefighter that I love. Give me strength to give him support with your guidance from above. Make me a good partner, attentative listener, my husband's best friend. When I chose him I chose a firefighter, and the job on which we depend. Lord, keep my firefighter safe when our plan's have gone awry, Answering an emergency call with a life or death cry. Keep the gusting winds and raging flames from being his final fate. Help me cope with the trauma of being a firefighter's mate.





Union County Fire Department